For many law schools, LSAT scores are the single most important factor in admissions decisions. The LSAT should be prepared for accordingly and, with the right preparation, the LSAT can be mastered.

At State Of Mind Test Prep, we recognize that there are many prospective law students who do not have the opportunity for extensive LSAT prep. Thus, we have instituted the State Of Mind Scholarship program. For each testing period, at least one student will be selected to join The 180 LSAT State Of Mind course at no cost. While the State Of Mind Scholarship will be given to candidates based on a variety of criteria, State Of Mind is looking for candidates who have overcome adversity, while demonstrating success in the classroom, as well as a strong yearning to attend law school.

To apply for the State Of Mind Scholarship, please submit a résumé and a short essay (no longer than 1 page) describing adversity you have overcome and why you wish to go to law school. Please send all applications to


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